• Left Click - Drag block
  • Right Click - Rotate block 30 degrees

Little Tokyo is our small Ludum Dare 37 game/simulation submission where you can use toy blocks to create a building of your own. Feel free to challenge yourself with limited space to build and balancing blocks before they topple over!

We weren't able to implement at least 50% of the of the game, mostly due to a lack of an experienced programmer and thus not enabling us to implement the features we wanted, such as being able to destroy your creation as a toddler to get points. We also had individuals with limited time to spare for the game jam, but with the time and resources we had, we polished it as much as we could.

We hope you enjoy Little Tokyo and support us on Twitter and Itch!

-Team Giga

  • Robert Desrosiers (@flying_meta): Programming, Art, Design
  • Michy Soong (@punimelt): Art, Design
  • Kevin Teddy Vega (@mr_teddee): Design
  • Free audio by Kevin Macleod

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Published133 days ago
Tags2D, blocks, Colorful, Cute, Ludum Dare 37

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